The company aims to build awareness of healthy herb consumption and offer the general public stylish and affordable vaporizers. The entire Linx Vapor product line is carefully designed to provide customers with the best experience you can imagine. In recent years, it has collected many awards around the world. This is why it ranks among the best choices on the Czech market. In 2018, it was named the Best Luxury Cannabis Product by the prestigious magazine Forbes.   

Linx portable vaporizers are quite new in the Czech Republic.  They are very thoroughly built, which will definitely amaze you with the purest steam flavor they generate thanks to the chamber made of quartz where the vaped material. The efficient hybrid convection-conduction heating system guarantees perfect steam production. Moreover, the smooth temperature control allows you to set parameters according to individual preferences. At the same time, the durable metal shell gives the device an elegant look and protects it from mechanical damage.

Linx Gaia, for example, is currently one of the smallest vaporizers on the market, which can be easily hidden in your palm. It has a strong battery, a very short heating time, and a number of innovative solutions.  Linx vaporizers represent the perfect experience of inhalation, discretion, and reliability. 

The steam is not only tasty but also incredibly smooth. It does not irritate the throat or airways, and it gets breathed in pleasantly. Linx product lines are some of the best portable models for vaping concentrates. They provide fantastic quality steam, excellent performance, and perfect privacy.

All products are certified for sale and use in the European Union, with a good range of spare parts or accessories and a warranty, of course

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